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The Cocomutt Shak


The Cocomutt Shak is a small dog rescue with a big heart ♥️ located on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic. Established in November 2015.


The volunteers that make up the Cocomutt Shak are animal lovers from Canada, USA, Europe and the Dominican Republic. Tauny and Len are retired Canadians who live in the DR, and run the rescue from the home and property where they live. Cocomutt Shak president and founder, Shari resides on the East Coast of the United States with her husband, cats and 2 Cocomutts. They spend most of their free time in the Dominican Republic.


Cocomutt Shak has made it their mission to help as many dogs as they can within their means. This involves many animals being brought to the Shak to be taken care of, nursed back to health and eventually adopted to the perfect furever families in The US (currently unavailable due to a temporary order in the US), to Canada and in the Dominican Republic. Cocomutt Shak volunteers also help many animals that are owned by Dominican families with medical care for their animals when they cannot afford such treatments. Spay/neuter clinics, vaccines and parasite treatments are also some of the many things that Shak volunteers have been able to help with.


NOT JUST THE ANIMALS … Cocomutt Shak has also been involved with gathering donations, purchasing necessities and distributing items to the local people who live in modest conditions, especially during the rainy season and flooding. Many people lose nearly everything and the Cocomutt Shak is proud to be able to respond to the needs of the local community with the help of our amazing supporters and donations.


The Keepers of the Shak

Len and Tauny Lafleche are Canadians who retired to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in 2014, with the desire to continue their work in dog rescue. Originally from the Ottawa area of Ontario Canada, Len and Tauny were involved with the rescue and dismantling of one of the largest puppy mills in Canadian history, along with a large group of animal activists. This was when they realized they wanted to be involved with rescue in their retirement. They packed up themselves and their 8 dogs and headed to the Dominican Republic. In November of 2015, they along with the President and Founder of Cocomutt Shak Shari Shakun, officially started The Cocomutt Shak Dog Rescue 🐾

The Founder.png

The Founder/President 
Shari (Shak) Shakun

Shari resides on the East Coast of the United States with her husband Marshall, 4 cats, Mister, Minnie, Mickey and Nubi and 2 Cocomutts, Roo and Reo (pictured above). Shari is the President and Founder of the Cocomutt Shak Dog Rescue and spends much of her free time working on the logistics of the rescue and it’s operations. Shari travels to the DR on her vacation time to help with the rescue in person and support the work that Tauny and Len are doing on the ground. Shari also supports other rescues in both the US and the Dominican Republic, as her love for animals is endless.



100% of all monies donated are used for the care (food, vet care, meds, housing, transportation and airport fees) of the animals. Donations of needed items can be given in person on the island by either purchasing items or by bringing a humanitarian bag with you on your travels to the DR. Please see our page of “THINGS WE NEED” if you are considering donating in this way.

TO DONATE via wire please email us at

TO DONATE via Pay Pal Please CLICK HERE 

Cocomutt Shak Super Stars

While we at the Cocomutt Shak think every dog is a super star ⭐️ from time to time we have a special mention with quite a story. 

Asphalt While Tauny and Len were out making the rounds and checking on some local dogs, they stopped to feed a nursing mom they named Skye. When they arrived they found one of  her puppies covered in TAR. CLICK HERE  for the YouTube video telling  the story of ASPHALT.


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