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The majority of dogs rescued by the Cocomutt Shak will be up for adoption when they are finished being vetted, in good health and are of age to travel. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a Cocomutt, please reach out to us for those who are currently available. Remember that Cocomutts are a unique breed of dog that have amazing traits, unusual mixes and some of the best personalities, but these are not always predictable as we often don’t know who the father was and or mother. Our volunteers and Vets are amazing at guessing ages and potential breed mixes, but these cannot be guaranteed.

Want more information about adopting a Cocomutt, please find our adoption album and application on our Facebook page, link below.

Not on Facebook, Feel free to email us with your questions and requests and we will be happy to send you information.


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Messenger- Tauny Nixon-Lafleche 

Dog Lover

FLIGHT COMPANIONS - If you or someone you know will be travelling in or out of the Puerto Plata airport and would like to help a dog get to their new family, please reach out to us and let us know. All costs are covered by Cocomutt Shak.  We meet you at the airport with the dog when you leave, to take care of the paperwork, and either the family or one of our volunteers will meet you at the other end to take the dog. What a great way to be a part of a dogs Happily Ever After. If you are interested in being a flight companion or want more information, please reach out at one of the following links.

Adoption Fee - $400 CAD


We’ve been receiving many requests for adoption and many of you were asking about the adoption fee and what it includes, so we put together a list and the fee - 

  • UTD vaccinations Rabies/Distemper/Parvo/Lepto plus boosters.

  • Spay or Neutered if over the age of six months.

  • Microchipped.

  • Dewormed and Parasite treatments.

  • 30 Day Doxy- Preventative for Tick Disease 

  • Health Certificate 

  • Travel costs.


(All in all, these things actually cost the rescue over $600 per dog)

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