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Material donations can be made in two ways. 
If you live or vacation on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and wish to shop on the island for needed items. 
If you will be traveling to Dominican Republic and wish to bring donations with you, either in your luggage (smaller amounts) or by bringing an additional humanitarian bag. 

1.    Old towels
2.    Old sheets
3.    Old blankets
4.    Puppy pee pads
5.    Tick medication (even expired) (some Vet clinics will donate expired tick meds)
6.    Harnesses (all sizes XS-XL)
7.    Collars (all sizes XS-XL)
8.    Leashes 
9.    Tie outs (for locals to keep their animals safe – nothing less than 6ft)
10.    Coats for our island dogs headed to cold climates in winter (all sizes XS-XL)
11.    Small soft sided dog carriers for transporting in cabin carry on dogs.
12.    Dog crates can be purchased on the island and donated (all sizes)
13.    Dog food can be purchased on the island and donated 

We at the Cocomutt Shak are always grateful for any donations we receive. If you wish to donate items and are flying with a carrier who allows an additional humanitarian bag to accompany you on your trip, (West Jet and Air Transat have in the past) Cocomutt Shak would be happy to give you a letter to accompany your humanitarian bag request. 


If you prefer to donate monetarily, we accept e-transfers, PayPal and cash on the island. DONATE NOW.

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