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On July 4th, 2017 friends of the Cocomutt Shak, Carly and Russ found Finca lying in rubbish, unable to move after being hit by a car and left to die. They gently scooped her up and set out to find help. After the Cocomutt Shak was contacted and asked to help, we agreed to do whatever we could. Once she had spent a few days at the local vets being treated and assessed, she was off to the Shak to start her recovery. Under the excellent care of The Shaks own Dog Father Len, her spirit came to life. Many things were tried to help Finca regain some movement in her legs including surgery, but none were successful. Len continued with water therapy as it was a great strengthening exercise, but was not quite enough.

A very specialized Swiss Physiotherapist was visiting the island and offered to try and help Finca, which after a few treatments was able to loosen up the joints in her one leg, it was recommended that the completely inoperable leg be amputated to reduce stress on her body. After a successful amputation, Finca’s fundraiser was able to get her a set of wheels. Finca was a treasured member of the Cocomutt Shak family for nearly 3 and a half years before it was time for her to trade in her wheels for wings. We were all blessed to have Finca’s beautiful spirit show us what resilience is 🐾♥️

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