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After being alerted to the fact that there was a pregnant dog living on the beach, Len and Tauny went to see if they could find her and assess her living situation. While talking with some of the local surfers, they were told that it was becoming increasingly harder to keep her safe and well fed with the number of Christmas Holiday vacationers growing daily. Tauny and Len could not let this mama have her babies in such an unsafe environment, so off to the Shak they went. It was apparent that she would be giving birth any day, so they set up a birthing room for her immediately. Dec 23, 2015, Royal gave birth to 11 beautiful, healthy, Christmas miracle puppies. Pregnant mothers are always extra stressful on a rescue as it’s not like bringing in one more dog, you roll the dice and see how many you get. That being said, the overwhelming joy that comes from knowing that mama doesn’t need to have her babies out in the elements or in danger, and that the puppies will be safe and never know starvation, is the most heartwarming feeling you could ask for.

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