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Sally Ann

Tauny and Len rescued Sally from horrific living conditions. She was being used to have litter after litter so her “owner” could sell off her cute babies. After getting Sally Ann on a good diet and regular eating schedule, she began to put on some healthy weight. With a good grooming and her vaccinations up to date, friend of the Cocomutt Shak Dr. Louise Morgan took her in to Foster. Unfortunately, Dr Louise determined that Sally had been in car accident long before she was rescued. She had many broken bones that had since healed but would be ok. Sally also had internal damage that caused her significant breathing issues and would not allow her to live out a long and healthy life. A surgery would have to be done by a specialist since it was an old injury and a complicated surgery to perform. We received an “angel donation” which helped a lot, but we still need more funds. A fundraiser was held, and our generous donors came through so Sally could have her surgery and go on to live the happy and healthy life she deserved.

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