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Samantha’s journey. We were told about a mother dog and her pups living in harsh conditions. So, we went to check things out, and found Samantha and 3 pups, who would later be named Gladys, Abner and Darren. The owners allowed us to take the puppies but not Samantha.

We did everything we could to get Samantha, but they continued to refuse. Then Covid-19 hit, and with restrictions we could only go see Sam once a week to make sure she had lots of food and water.

Finally, after several weeks they said we could take her. We were so happy and figured they had gotten tired of our weekly visits, but we didn’t care 😁. Not long after Sam came to the Shak and after finding great homes for her first pups Gladys, Abner and Darren. We began to suspect that Samantha was pregnant again, and that is why they agreed to give her to us. An ultrasound confirmed it, and on July 31, 2020 Sam gave birth to 11 puppies. We lost 4 but were able to find fantastic homes for the remaining 7.

The Cheers Gang

Woody – Sam – Diane – Lilith – Rebecca – Daphne - Carla

And then it was Samantha’s turn. She is now living her best life in MA with the loving family she deserves ❤️🐾

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