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Super Dude (aka Chivi)

A friend of the Shak, Molly, let us know that there was a dog in bad shape in a parking lot in Cabarete. Off went Len and Tauny to look for him. When they arrived, they discovered a dog that the locals called Chivi, sitting up but unable to use his back legs at all. They scooped him up and headed to their local vet Dr. Bob, but sadly he was completely full and had nowhere to keep Chivi, so home to the Shak they headed. Soon after settling in at the Shak, Chivi, now named Dude, was deteriorating even further. Len, who is a trained vet tech, began giving subcutaneous fluids, and some meds to help poor Dude, it was going to be a long night. Dudes' spirit told Len and Tauny not to give up on him, and they never did. Please check out the amazing story of SUPER DUDE at the YouTube video link below.

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