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CLINIC VOLUNTEER - We occasionally run a Spay/Neuter Clinic when we have the funds and can secure a veterinarian to do the operations. All animals in the care of Cocomutt Shak are fixed when health and age are optimal. These clinics are for the locals pets, who cannot afford such surgeries and the street dogs that are in good health but need to be fixed. If you are a Veterinarian and would be interested in volunteering your time on the island to do some Spay and Neuters please reach out to us at one of the following links. If you will be travelling to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and have some spare time, please reach out and we’ll let you know if there is need for volunteers during that time.


Facebook- Cocomutt Shak Dog Rescue

Messenger- Tauny Nixon-Lafleche




foster a dog for the Cocomutt Shak, we take care of all the dogs expenses, you offer up the love, caring and temporary roof over their head. Sometimes we have to close the doors of the Shak to new rescues because we are beyond full, but the calls to rescue never stop coming in. Foster families offer an alternative location during these times and enable us to help more dogs in need.  If you are interested or have questions about fostering please reach out to us at one of the following links. If you are in the US (currently not available due to temporary import ban) or Canada and are interested in fostering, please reach out through one of the following links and we can put you in contact with our rescue partners abroad.


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